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Best Food Best Food

  • Cache Cache - Great consistent menu, outdoor seating, the number one choice of the social set, Need reservation.
  • Campo De Fiori - my favporite Italian, super fun, indoor and outdoor seating, Need reservation.
  • Matsuhisa - This is Nobu. Upstairs there are no reservation and its pretty easy to get seated early. They have cooked food not just sushi and the food is amazing for adults and kids like it too.
  • Brunelleschi's - Good Italian, family friendly, get to make your own pizza. Need reservation.
  • Jimmy's - another family favorite, they have everything on the menu,. Need reservation.
  • J Bar at the Hotel Jerome. It’s a pubby place with a good burger. No reservations.
  • Shlomos - it's a real Jewish Deli near the gondola. All the food you'd expect.
  • Asie - Chinese food family friendly and good. Reservation recommended.
  • Hickory House -old fashioned ribs, yummy. No reservations.
  • Home Team BBQ - This is a brand new barbeque restaurant at the inn at Aspen at Buttermilk. No reservations very casual very good.
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Best Happy Hour Best Happy Hour

  • Ajax Tavern - great spot at the bottom of aspen mountain
  • Justice Snow's - a local foavorite in the heart of town
  • Casa Tua - This (mostly) Private club has a great outdoor space for the fancier people


  • Belly Up - one of the best live music venues in the country, check the schedule
  • Eric's Bar - from early 20's on up, pool tables, cigar room, busy social single set
  • Bootsy Bellow Aspen - like it's namesake LA club, this is a place to dance to DJ music, goes late
  • Caribou Club- This private club has been famous for decades. During busy weeks adults of all ages, during slower weeks cougars and their hunters.
Independence Pass

Best Hikes and Runs Best Hikes and Runs

  • Smuggler Trail - easy, highly social, the "Santa Monica Steps" of Aspen. One hour up and down.
  • Ute Trail - Be prepared to answer "what was your time?" short and steep with mountain switchbacks, a diffuclt but popular hike - an hour up and down
  • Hunter Creek Trail and Loop - Starting or ending on Smuggler, this is a moderate and very pretty hike close to town, 2.5 hours

Road Biking Road Biking

  • Independence pass - The bike ride over Independence Pass has become more famous with each year. That's because the annual U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge has routinely used it as the make-or-break stage in the race. Riddled with switchbacks, narrow lanes and a brutal push over the Conti- nental Divide, this ride is not for the faint of heart. 40 miles round-trip. Very Difficult.
  • Maroon Creek Road - Few bike rides in the world can match the drama of this one. Roughly eight miles up the road, you round a bend and suddenly view the iconic Maroon Bells, two 14,000-foot peaks striped with snow year-round. 22 miles round-trip. Moderate.
  • Ashcroft - Castle Creek Road is a long, stunning valley that takes riders underneath soaring peaks, groves of aspen and spruce, and ultimately, to the ghost town of Ashcroft. 24 miles round-trip. Difficult.

Mountain Biking

  • Hunter Creek Trail and Loop - Starting or ending on Smuggler, this is a challenging shot mountain bike ride.
  • The Rio Grande Trail, a paved bike path that runs from Aspen down the Roaring Fork Valley, is cherished by locals. This route follows the path to the rustic and storied hamlet of Woody Creek. Have lunch where Hunter S. Thompson hung out
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