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San francisco golden gate bridge

San Francisco has earned a reputation as a smaller, cleaner New York city where artists, yogis, and entrepreneurs can easily make themselves at home. Don’t be fooled by the size of this small city by the bay, while San Francisco may only be 7 miles x 7 miles, the city is packed with everything from acrobatics classes, to Ethiopian food, and concerts in the park. Travelers visiting San Francisco will find there is an almost endless list of both indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you choose to stick to the more touristy attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39, or choose to seek out San Francisco’s hidden gems like the Japanese flower garden, there is something in this town for every type of traveler.

Best Food Best Food

Don’t believe the stereotypes, San Francisco locals live on more than just broccoli and green juice. In fact, San Francisco has one of the most diverse, exotic, and intriguing food scenes in the country…and yes, there are some vegan spots too. Start off with Breakfast at Wise Bagels and Deli, the quintessential Jewish delicatessen where you can find some of the most delectable bagels with almost any type of spread. In the mood for something spicy? Stop by Mela Tandori for some of the best Indian food in the city (and trust us that’s saying a lot) or stop by Little Star Pizza for their notorious deep dish pizza. 


  • Eats- Cozy cafe, 50 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118 


  • Blue Barn- two locations- By far the best salads in the city! 
  • Jane- Two locations



happy hour Best Happy Hour

As neighbors of the Napa Valley, there’s no surprise that San Francisco knows how to serve up a good drink. But this city has more than just an impressive wine list, you’ll find some of the most creative cocktail concoctions served in San Francisco’s bars and lounges. Hit the lower Divisidero for happy hour gold at hot spots like Rigazza, Little Star, or Nopa. Looking for something a bit more authentic? Check out Page, one of the cities oldest bar schools, or tap into a more hipster vibe at the Beer Garden on Union street. 

San francisco golden gate bridge  

Road Biking Where to Play

San Francisco is the epicenter of the playground better known as the Bay Area. Visitors can easily find an abundance of locations to get in run or ride both in and outside the city. 

If you’re looking for a good Bay Area climb, you’re in luck. There are three solid ride options within the San Francisco area. For short hill work we suggest the Hawk (single, double, triple, whatever you’re up for!) with a remarkable landscape located just a few miles from SF. Next, there’s Hawk Hill, an epic loop located just over the bridge with unforgettable views. Finally there’s the Tib, a classic SF ride 40 mile loop around Tiburon. 

Alpine Dam - Classice- lots of climbing- most epic ride from the city

Head into Mill Valley using the Tib Loop Above.

 Best bike stores:

  • City Cycle (no rentals)
  • Believe it or not may of the shops do not rent in city- I have heard good things about this company, Black Sheep Bike rental
  • Best Overall retailer for running, biking ,tri, just about everything- Worth a stop in: Sports Basement Presido Location- grab a run down on Chrissy field (see runs) and stop in after to check out the gear- cool store

tiburon map bike ride

Best Hikes and Runs Best Hikes and Runs

Trail. Leaving From Goldengate Bridge Marin SIde- There is a small parking lot on the west side of the bridge, which is the best place to park- just exit on the first exit (not into the tourist parking lot- exit on Alexander make the first left to head back under the Highway and before you get back on the hyw into the city veer right and in 20 yards there is a parking lot on the left.

Fortunately, San Francisco is blessed with some the most epic trail runs in the state, maintained by 2 different entities. One is the highland, located just over the bridge, where you’ll find a number of incredible trails well maintained by the Golden Gate Conservancy. You can visit their site where you’ll find a map of their numerous trails. The second, located just north of the city, is the MT Tam Trails which is maintained by the State. While not as well maintained as the Golden Gate trails, if you’re a trail runner you’ll enjoy the iconic Dipsea Trail. 

Road Runs- So much to choose from-

  • Golden Gate Park- Rolling
  • Crissy Field-  Flat
  • Run along the embarcadero flat- city - but a lot of it on concrete.

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