The Rule #5 brand represents a self-selecting, unique group of people who are committed, passionate, and sometimes obsessed about their sports. While the sports they participate in may be different, Rule #5 athletes all share a common mantra: dig deeper. They have an insatiable appetite to train and compete, and despite strains, pains and sometime breaks, they will do it all again the next day. They only talk of their accomplishments when asked and then, begrudgingly. They are the ones catching that last run, last wave, last hill repeat, when nobody is watching. It’s not for everyone. But for those in the know, Rule #5 speaks the language of hardcore, passion and endurance.

Rule #5 incorporates this endurance mindset into individually designed, lifestyle accessories that reflect an insider's knowledge of each sport. We make our products with the highest quality materials and apply a sharpened attention to detail to deliver an authentic experience for our customers. All of our products highlight sport-specific details that are relevant to individuals who live or aspire to a competitive sports lifestyle.


I have been a competitive Triathlete for more than 25 years. In the early days, I used to always look forward to aging up into the next age group, with the hope of eventually outlasting the competition. But then I realized, no matter what age group I was in, the athletes there defy age: everyone is getting better, plain and simple. In cycling, running, surfing, skiing and sailing, you can find a similar group of hardcore people that DIG DEEPER, train harder and compete better.

The idea of Rule #5 came to me in an instant. All of these super-charged athletes are clearly defined by their commitments to their sports, but don’t necessarily want to be covered in race or big brand logos when they are not doing their sports. The lifestyle accessories at Rule #5 reflect an understated nod to each sport that only insiders will detect. If you are a surfer, skier, runner, cyclist, sailor or triathlete, I hope you will find that Rule #5 speaks to you, the way it does to me and my friends, all of whom shared their design insights to guarantee that the details of the line are authentic for each sport


Ownership and Management, Other Inquiries

Rule #5 is owned and operated by BGS Brands LLC. All copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property are wholly owned and maintained by the same.  If you are interested in working with Rule #5 whether for brand representation, to carry or distribute our products, or any other inquiries, please contact BGS Brands directly at info@greatusefulstuff.com or info@rulenumberfive.com.  Thank you!